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Reflection part 2

http://www.history.ac.uk/makinghistory/resources/articles/oral_history.html This website gave me a great look in oral history which is something I find really important.

Reflecting on the past

I feel as though reflecting teaches us to think the way they did during the era your studying. My reflection on this course since it is now in the past is that it was something that I feel like lessons… Continue Reading →

My Writing Style

I feel like I write how I talk which I tried not to do so much for this course. I am a way better last minute writer, like if I feel like I am under pressure something way better will… Continue Reading →

Reading Logs

Some of the articles surprised me in a good way, I was actually really into some of them, so points for that. But it was so hard to keep up with all the readings and to have opinions on everyone… Continue Reading →


I am not very good at this as you can tell, I like the alternative to an exam but the e-portfolio I feel is way to confusing and complicated. If there were an easier way to do something similar to… Continue Reading →

Research Project

Though I am all for the idea that we do a project instead of an exam, I do feel I was not prepared for this project. It is probably because history is not my strongest subject. But I definitely agree… Continue Reading →

At least 4000 indigenous children died

http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/at-least-4000-aboriginal-children-died-in-residential-schools-commission-finds This article shows hardship faced even though it was after the time I was writing about. It still proved that a genocide was committed against indigenous children.

Historical Thinking

I find historical thinking and writing quite challenging for a few reasons. I feel that being able to be unopinionated is a good quality that I do not have. I also am not a person that can sit and read… Continue Reading →


http://Carney, Robert, “Aboriginal Residential Schools Before Confederation: The Early Experience,” Canadian Catholic Historical Association, Historical Studies, 61 (1995), 13 – 40. This is a secondary source I used which provided a lot of information for my paper.

Main Topics

Industrial schools over all were an uninviting experience for children who were often faced with cultural destruction, abuse and that ended in something similar to a genocide of indigenous children. Though the intent may have been positive to the settlers they… Continue Reading →

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